Software Development

When creating a program the price will vary because there is no sure way to tell how much work will go into the process. An initial bid will be given to the client but this is just a rough estimate and could very well change. The client will be aware of the price change and has every right to stop production. If this happens there will be a 20% fee paid to Riggs Software and Web Development. (this is for our time we have already put into the software development). We value our clients so we will always work something out if the prices are overwhelming.

Web Development

Websites cost $100.00 a page and $150.00 if the page has to be connected to a database. If you wish to have an email sent to you from your visitors this is possible. I will not mess with credit card transactions. I have no experience in credit card transactions and do not wish to experiment on my clients. Always looking to satisfy the customer and make their designs come true. There is no maintenance fee if their isn't much to maintain. If you wish to have something updated in the future just contact me and I will do so as quickly as possible for a reasonable price.